DJ mixes

Here will be the evergrowing collection of dj mixes i have played…

all played on 2 cdjs and a mixer, no software…

tip for downloading!

If you click on the link so it opens in a QuickTime player ,

click the top bar “file” menu, and select ” save page as”


Unwind Wednesdays at Lightbar – 040914

Immersion 1 – downtempo psychill stylee january 2010

Immersion 2 – february 2010

Immersion 3 – march 2010

Immersion 4 – april 2010

Immersion 5 – may 2010

Playground 2010 – psychill breaks into minimal techno

Luneclipse 2010 – Hefty foresty psy under a full moon in oregon

Team Future at Psyche 2010 – Slamming 3 way tag with Waater, Psyren & BSM

Playground 2011 – glitchy chillout experiments

Human Nature Festival 2011 – progressive morning psy grooves

Proper Movement – april 2012 – drum and bass – monkey style…

Sacred Earth Open Air – june 2012 – mainstage set – crunchy techy psy, breaks and more techy psy…

Awakenings – july 2012 – BBQ set-  opening for desert dwellers and kalya scintilla

Photosynthesis Festival – july 2012 – saturday midnight downtempo explorations in the h’art center dome

Equinox 2011- 2nd stage – slurpy glitchy downtempo/dub/step/aussie/psychill from asheville’s premier festival

Chillography 2009 – slick psychedelic downtempo throwdown in Seattle

Junction 604 2009 – Wild morning and suomi psy adventure in Ohio

Day out of time 2009 – dancey psy from the forest near Mt Hood

The Goblin’s Other Medicine Cabinet – w/ KRI – twisted experimental studio mix 2002

Uneasy Listening – w KRI – fully beatless headfuk classic studio mix 2003

Heavy Blanket – fully beatless emotive space mix 2002

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