offering amazing housecall massage for hot wives who deserve the best.

upscale massage for the most discerning professional woman.

i have 14 years of experience working out muscular kinks and pleasing women who crave to be soothed, healed and worshiped. having worked as an anatomy instructor, with a degree in physical therapy, you will feel at home in your body like never before, knowing you are safe in my knowledgeable, capable, educated hands.

deep tissue, neuromuscular trigger points and smooth long unwinding work with delicious coconut oil, your skin and whole physical body comes to life.

i come to your home and provide only the highest quality professional service addressing all of your needs, your stress melts away, and you achieve bliss like you’ve never felt before. serving women of distinction who aren’t afraid to ask for what they want. i don’t settle for less, you shouldn’t either!

contact me directly at bluespectralmonkey@ to inquire about scheduling a session for yourself or the lady in your life who you want to spoil with a decadent session of bodywork she will never forget. guaranteed to excite, inspire, and satisfy.