2011 top ten tracks

18 11 2011
interchill HQ asked me to submit a top ten list so i picked some tracks ive been playing a bunch this year…
Tee-child – Aligning Minds – Dark Room Beats (Aleph Zero)
Glitchity Grub – Circuit Bent – Painting Pictures on Silence V1 (Enig’Matik)
Illusions – Kalya Scintilla – Illusions (Bandcamp)
Deep in your Burgers – Grouch – Further (Up)
Laguna – Liquid Stranger – The Arcane Terrane (interchill)
The Old Magick – Auma – Interacting: Processing (Enig’Matik)
Diametric – Abakus – Beyond the Fields (Bandcamp)
Downtown Brown – Meat Axe – Hopskotch (Hopskotch)
Trex-rxable – Alloy – Relax (Psybertribe)
Green Flame of Destiny – Kaminanda – Year of the Golden Tiger (Bandcamp)



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